HOG 4 Training in Orlando Next Month – Part of PLASA Focus Orlando

Hog4trainingbanner orlando

HOG fans – we’ll be in Orlando next month for our next HOG 4 training class offered as a part of PLASA Focus Orlando! Need to get up to speed on HOG? Then you won’t want to miss this.

This two-day training session covers the powerful Hog 4 control software used on HOG 4 control consoles. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Console layout
  • Launching and managing shows
  • Patching and editing fixtures
  • Groups
  • Palettes and directories
  • Selecting and modifying fixture attributes
  • Scenes, Cues and Cue lists
  • Effects
  • Timing
  • Playback

Class Times

2/19: 10:00AM – 6PM
2/20: 10:00AM – 4PM
Hour lunch break each day


Paradise Show & Design
4653 35th St
Orlando, Florida

Course Price: $499.99 – includes Hog 4 Widget (MSRP $690.00)

Space is LIMITED! As we write this only four spots are left, so register today!


VMB Announces TE-046

Our friends at VMB recently announced their new TE-046 telescopic lift.

TE 046 image

The TE-046 is based on the VMB’s TE-034, maintaining its compact features whilst being able to lift a total of 150kg (330lb) to a height of 4.6m (15′). TE-046 is made from 3 steel aluminum profiles, has an adjustable 3 position folding base, and comes with a handle for easy transport. It also includes the companies ALS (Auto Lock Security) system a safety feature which automatically locks the lift masts as they rise. The TE-046 is the ideal tool for any small to medium sized rental company looking to rig sound, light and/or Trussing quickly and safely.

Want to learn more? Call us at (518) 251-3302 or check out our VMB page and check out VMB’s entire range of lifts and find the right one for you.

Announcing Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW and SJEOOW Portable Power Cords

Today we’re happy to announce Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW and SJEOOW portable power cords!


The new cable varieties are more flexible and weigh about 18% less than conventional Neoprene entertainment industry cable, making them even easier to handle and less expensive to ship. The UL listed cables meet RoHS requirements, feature a wider temperature range of –50ºc to 105ºc, and can take on the harshest environmental conditions.

Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW and 12/3 SJEOOW cables also feature:

  • Non-wicking polyprene fillers
  • Superior abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • A non-marking jacket
  • Higher dielectric strength compared to conventional cables
  • Higher tensile strength compared to conventional cables

For more information, including specification sheets, please see our portable power cords page at Dura-Flex.com

12/3 SEOOW and SJEEOW photos

12 3 SJ SO

Dura-Flex 12/3 SJEOOW and SEOOW

12 3 SEOOW Back

Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW

12 3 SEOOW Splayed

Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW Splayed


Dura-Flex 12/3 SJEOOW

12 3 SJEOOW Splayed Dura-Flex 12/3 SJEOOW Splayed

Liberate Your Gear with CSL Service and Repairs!

Liberate your gear with CSL Service and Repairs!


We’ve been servicing our own equipment for years and years, but today we thought “hey, why not offer this to everybody?”

That’s what CSL Service and Repairs is all about!

Give us your tired, your broken, your decommissioned assets yearning to shine brightly again! Send these, the outdated, your attention starved fixtures and consoles to us, and we will make them work like new again!

Put Creative Stage Lighting’s expertise to work on your stage lighting equipment! The trained technicians here at Creative Stage Lighting will give a new life of freedom to your production and rental inventories.

Get a jump start on 2015 – let us prepare your gear for a successful touring season! Ask us for a service quote at http://www.creativestagelighting.com/service/

CSL Lights the Steve Miller Band at Proctor’s Theatre, Schenectady NY

Stevemiller blog

CSL Rentals and Production provided lighting and production services to the Steve Miller Band at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady, NY. Here’s a sample of the gear list!

  • (2) GrandMA 2 Full Size Consoles
  • (16) Martin Mac III Profile
  • (14) Martin Mac 2000 Wash XB
  • (8) Clay Paky Sharpy
  • (4) Martin StageBar 54S
  • CM New Generation Chain Motors
  • Kinesys DigiHoist Motor Control
  • Tyler GT Truss
  • Entertainment Power Systems portable power distribution
  • Dura-Flex Cable

CSL Lights Strangefolk at the Flynn Center, Burlington VT

Strangefolk vt 3

Creative Stage Lighting recently lit Strangefolk at the Flynn Center in Burlington, Vermont! Among the gear used on this production was:

  • GrandMA2 Full Size
  • (12) Martin Mac III Profile
  • (8) JB-lighting JBLED A7s
  • (3) UltraTec Radiance Hazers
  • Entertainment Power Systems Portable Power Distribution
  • Dura-Flex Cable

Get creative! Put Creative Stage Lighting’s production expertise to work on your upcoming shows!

PLSN Reviews High End System’s SHAPESHIFTER


Vickie Claiborne recently reviewed High End System’s SHAPESHIFTER in PLSN.

The Shapeshifter is an exciting new LED fixture that moves beyond just being a simple LED wash fixture. The fixture is dynamic, and for that reason, it makes a great addition to a lighting rig on any type of show. Television, touring, and corporate event LDs should love this fixture for the new looks it brings to the tool bag. Plus, it’s a practical wash light as well, meaning an LD can get the best of both worlds.

Read the full review.

Hog 4 OS v2.5.0 Released


High End Systems has released Hog 4 OS v2.5.0.

Besides bug fixes, High End has added OSC Output for Function Label Keys.

The Hog 4 OS now outputs OSC messages in the form of text strings for the function key labels. This allows users to see both command key and user kind key labels on their OSC remote devices. Newly updated OSC templates that support this functionality are available for download in the beta forum.

You can download the update for your HOG 4 board from High End System’s site.

44 Shapeshifters on David Guetta

Genimage asp

Lighting designer Jonathan ‘Leggy’ Armstrong on using High End Systems’ SHAPESHIFTERs and Hog 4 on David Guetta.

“Being an EDM show, it’s all about being dynamic,” says Leggy. The SHAPESHIFTERs have proven to be extremely versatile. We can keep it simple and treat them almost like a standard wash fixture, then let loose with a barrage of effects. Whereas I would normally use wash fixtures to supply a base and rely on my profiles and beam lights for the impact, I found them taking a back seat as the SHAPESHIFTERs could give me the animated beam action we wanted, but in a form we’d never seen before. SHAPESHIFTERs give the ‘shock and awe’ that we are looking for, but I can also see the potential to give much subtler effects, which I look forward to exploring on a different production. The output is even more impressive than I’d hoped, which is important for the scale of shows we do which can be very large open air performances. Also, the Indigo back-lighter has a much bigger impact than I first imagined; it’s a great effect in its own right. So far the fixtures have been extremely reliable – I’ve finished every show with 100% functioning.”

Creative Stage Lighting is the Master Distributor for High End Systems in the USA. Whether you want to buy or rent SHAPESHIFTERs for your own productions, Creative Stage Lighting has you covered. Call us at (518) 251-3302 for your mind shift!