SHAPESHIFTER on Tour: Summerland


High End’s SHAPESHIFTER has had a busy summer season with Dave Matthews Band, Neon Trees, and more. They’ve recently made an appearance on the Summerland Tour.

Here’s what Rick ‘Shaggy’ Ehmcke said about SHAPESHIFTER:

Shaggy says the versatility of SHAPESHIFTER puts it in a class by itself as a designer tool. “You can really get such versatility out of the fixture,” he points out, “and with proper programming time and a repeatable show, the vast amount of different looks LDs are going to come up with is going to be really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing how different designers will use SHAPESHIFTER. Everybody has their own individual style, and that fixture can adapt to all of them.”

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High End System’s ShapeShifter on Summer 2014 Tours


High End’s Shapeshifter is set for a summer touring season with appearance on productions from Dave Matthews Band, Neon Trees, and Guns N’ Roses. Projections, Lights and Staging News has the story.

HES sales manager Craig Burross commented “After one month of shipping our ShapeShifter C1 and W1 fixtures, the buzz has been incredible! Watching cutting-edge lighting designers utilize the product is truly inspiring, and more LDs are embracing these products each and every week. With our C2 and W2 units shipping soon, I believe everyone in the design community will want to specify and utilize these innovative new lighting tools.”

Hog 4 At The 2014 Winter Olympics


High End Systems’s Hog 4 had it’s work cut out for it in Sochi:

The elaborate three-hour opening ceremony that unveiled the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia was a breathtaking marriage of art, history, patriotism and technology. The ceremony’s 18 chapters necessitated the use of over 1,100 lighting instruments, all controlled by Austin, TX-based manufacturer High End Systems’ state-of-the-art Hog 4 lighting console. This marks an industry milestone as one of the largest lighting productions, utilizing in excess of 1,000 instruments.

“If you know Hog, you know the Hog 4.”


PLSN’s Justin Lang reviews High End System’s Hog 4 range of consoles in the December 2013 issue of PLSN.

Choosing a lighting console is a personal thing. Most programmers have a particular console that they love and worship. The Hog certainly has a dedicated following — so much so that the Hog 2 series of consoles actually had membership cards!

Do you have a card? If not — or even if you do and you want to learn more about the Hog 4 lineup, check out our product pages or call us at (518) 251-3302.

Creative Stage Lighting now Axon HD Major Reseller


Today we’re announcing another partnership with High End Systems. Creative Stage Lighting is a Axon HD Major Reseller. CSL Dealers now have access to the brand new Axon HD and Axon HD Pro media servers.

CSL has had an excellent history with High End beginning many years ago. Craig Burros of High End said:

We continue to collaborate with CSL’s technically experienced regional management in place throughout the United States to service their distribution client base, and now to convey the practical dominance of the Axon family over other media server models available in the market, an excellent choice for us to work together and platform this arrangement on the heels of our recent Hog 4 Major Reseller establishment with Creative Stage Lighting.

Axon HD and Axon HD Pro is a brand new update of High End System’s innovative media server line. Axon HD media servers are rack-mountable, featuring quiet operation, Intel Haswell hardware, Windows 7 embedded 64-bit operating system, and capable of 4k output. The graphics engine has been completely upgraded, playing back content at its native resolution. Axon HD also comes with a rich HD media library and includes all the original Axon content.

To learn more about Axon HD and Axon HD Pro you can take a look at our Axon HD product pages or give us a call at (518) 251-3302.